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02 March 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Soapy Soap  
Ever wondered what to do with all those little bits of left over soap that are just too small to use properly but you can't bear to throw away?

Well. Here's a solution - build your own soap!!

1. Collect all the left-over bits together (or, if you just want to make some for the fun of it get one plain, perfume-less bar, seriously, you won't need more than one!) and stick 'em in the whizzy-whizzy machine:


2. Place all the grated bits on some grease-proof paper and add something fun; I tried porridge oats (makes it good for srubbing), lemon rind (natural deodorant), and dried flowers (they look pretty, may just smell nice if they aren't too old, and we had some hanging around the place):


I learnt (the hard way) to do it in layers: one layer soap shavings, then a few oats / lemon rind / petals, then some more shavings, etc etc

3. Very, very, very carefully add a little bit of boiling water - not much at all is needed for this; soap is remarkable unabsorbant. Then, without scalding your fingers (guess who got that wrong first time), mould it into a roughly soap-like shape, observe:

The Porridge Oats

The Lemon Rind

The Dried Flowers

I know they look sort of rubbish, but when I'd put the camera away I went back and they'd smoothed over a lot and you can always shape them some more when they're done. Plus: satisfaction of having made your own soap!!

4. I then threw them in the fridge to dry them off a bit faster but I reckon if you leave them long enough they'll do it by themselves.

NOTES: You could, of course, try other ingrediments or use food dye / perfume to spice things up a bits. Also, if you got some string or a stick you could make yourself Soap on a Rope or one of those soap-things you can use to reach the small of your back.

Most importantly, have fun. Really, there is nothing like the feeling that you're making something you'll gradually disintegrate later! XD
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