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Green news and tips
Welcome to greenager, a community for green people, by green people.

Here we will include relevant news that may not reach the broadsheets as well as tips and ideas on living a green life.

Feel free to friend if you have similar interests or want to post anything and, most importantly of all, be green!


1. No swearing etc, this is a Non-Adult Content Site, if you're into being mouthy and loud please go somewhere else.

2. Please don't come here to rant at us, we love new people and we just want to be helpful and friendly and share advice etc, we don't want hate!

3. Comment to be added.

4. No advertising. We can get in trouble if someone comes on here waving brand names, not that we wouldn't love to promote more green efforts but unless it's news (and therefore non-bias mention) please keep brand names to a minimum.

5. Have fun!!!

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